AoE Weapons Release

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AoE Weapons Release

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:37 pm

We have released 3 AoE weapons to SillyEO, these include:

  1. Reaper Scyth
  2. Bazaar Staff
  3. Lens of Truth

Because the Lens of Truth is not obtainable through quest or craft, if an admin is online and you have obtained the ingredients for the Lens of Truth, then the admin will most definitely exchange the ingredients in turn for a Lens of Truth. All of the weapons have magic effects and will be used as magic weapons.

On another note...

We have planned to change the attributes of all the classes that currently exist in SillyEO, so that they will now be correctly useful, such as this example: All weapons and armors will now have class restrictions, no level restrictions. This will give us more use of the 6 class system and 6 styles alike. Archer class will now be the best class for bows, arrows and archery armour(Archery/Oron etc..) Warrior class: Is more useful with melee weapons, shields/arrows and melee armour(Eloff/Hero/Oron/Devil etc...) and so on and so forth... Cool


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